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I’m a full stack Digital Product Designer living in the Bay Area. I love home made tortillas, border collies, 60’s era Porsches, and visual storytelling. My initial life plan was to be a professional soccer player… 9 knee surgeries later, I wish I had found my passion for Product Design a little earlier in my life :)

I’ve tried my hand at a lot of different roles and types of work within the product development space and have found my home in the field of Product Design and UX.

As a product manager, I enjoyed shaping the roadmap and future of a product. As a visual designer, I took pride in bringing delight and beauty to an ugly interface. As a front-end developer, I found great satisfaction in seeing thousands of people interact with my code. But it wasn’t until I started to focus on the people that I was trying to design solutions for, that I felt my career start to take off. It was in my Product Design work that I found the greatest satisfaction.

Learning about what people need and exploring ways in which they can leverage technology to improve whatever it is that they are trying to accomplish has been hugely rewarding. Being able to draw from my experiences as a product manager and front end developer has also helped shape how I approach problems and how I communicate ideas throughout my team. I am grateful for the long path that brought me to my profession as a Product Designer.

I’m currently working for Salesforce on end-customer facing responsive and mobile self service products. In a nut shell, I aim to build tools that empower customers to find solutions to their questions in as easy and frictionless an experience as possible.

If you’d like to learn a little more about my work at Salesforce, the good people at Invision put together a nice interview here:


If you’d like to see some of my design process and work, check out this hackathon I did over a weekend:


And if you’d like to get in touch to talk about anything design related or see some more of my work, I’d love to hear from you.

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